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Don't let a love-rat get away with it. Don't get mad, get money. Don't let them do it to others. Don't let them humiliate you.

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Love Rat Stories

Are You the Victim of a Love Rat?

Expose a Love Rat in the National Press Today!


Ever been the victim of a dirty, rotten love rat, scammer, domestic abuser, cheat or fraudster? Is it time for you to expose a love-rat to the world – warn other people about them and get your own back?


If you’ve been cheated on or deceived will know that it can be one of the most painful experiences in life, like a knife to the heart. The secrets, and lies, sometimes over many years can make your life as you knew it before feel worthless, and not worth living.

In any other walk of life, if someone lied, cheated and decieved, they'd end up in court for fraud, and maybe even go to prison. Why is it acceptable in love? We don't think it is, and we're here to help you.


We are here to help if you want to show the world the truth. 

Do you want to set the record straight? Or do you worry that they’ll strike again and don’t want other people to go through what you have?

Maybe you simply wanted to expose a liar for what they are, or embarrass them so that they can feel some of the humiliation that you have?  Some love rats do worse than hurt you emotionally, they can hurt your family and loved ones, they can hurt you financially, even steal from you, and worse, get you into trouble in other ways.


Often there isn’t much you can do but slowly pick up the pieces and try to forget; but can you ever get your own back? Yes you can, and this is how:

Our nationally-acclaimed press agency, used by the biggest publications in the media world, has helped hundreds of people tell their story.   You get even AND get you paid for it. 


What could be better than getting your own back on a filthy brasen love rat, and treating yourself with the money you make?

  • We’ve exposed con artists who cheat honest, loving partners out of their life-savings.
  • We’ve warned thousands of people about serial adulterers who draw in the vulnerable, the naïve, and those who are just looking for someone to love.
  • We’ve named and shamed hundreds of domestic abusers and saved many women from the same fate.
  • So now is your time to shine. Don’t get Mad - get Money! Here is how to Sell a Love Rat Story to the Press Today: 

    • Fill in our Online Form on the right hand side of this page (it will be sent straight to our features team at the UK's largest press agency), or
    • You can call Our Hotline Now on: 0845 83 88 555 (please leave a message if the line is busy and we'll call you straight back), or
    • Email Us at: